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About Us
The professionals at R.U.Game have been serving the telephone industry since 1984. We supply quality remanufactured and unused Nortel equipment. We carry a full line of Nortel phones, Nortel cards and peripheral equipment.

If you need Nortel phones or other Nortel equipment, contact us. You'll save money by buying refurbished or unused phones direct from the R.U.Game warehouse.
Full Warranty
With our experience and quality, we are proud to offer a full one year warranty on all our phones and equipment.
Unused Phones
Unused phones come from surplus supplies, over stocks and excess inventory. They are inspected, tested and carry a one year warranty.
Refurbished Phones
Refurbished phones have been professionally refurbished to 'like new' standards and carry the same one year warranty as our unused products.
Do you want to sell your Nortel phones?

We buy used, overstocked, unwanted or unloved Nortel, Meridian, Norstar and Meridian telephones, equipment and systems!

Just gather up the details - quantity, model, age of system and general condition - and give us a call at 1-386-677-0404 (Florida) or contact us through our email form.

We buy both large and small lots. You'll get a fast, fair, and friendly quote from a company you can depend on now and in the future.

Nortel Norstar, Meridian and Aastra phones are our 'thing', and the only brand of used phones we buy.

If you need refurbished Nortel phone systems, which include a one year guarantee, we have some great deals! Please visit our Nortel phones home page for details.


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